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    Safe Storage
    Most of us are considering the Storage Process of  Home and Hotels’ Furniture, and Office Asset as a heavy burden of anxiety about the damages that may harm the furniture besides many of our mates have tried the process of storage but he hasn’t got satisfactory results so Loading Experts Company has endeavored and exerted there best to provide this service i.e. Storage of Furniture, in a professional way in order to gain the customers’ satisfaction. 

    By the favor of Allah, We acknowledge our dear loyal Customers that we provide Safe and equipped Storerooms against the natural factors and else that may damage the furniture such as Floods, High Temperature ,and Moisture moreover for more safety the storerooms are high equipped where each customer an independent area for his Furniture with partitioning spaces between the customers’ Furniture I order that we can handle the Pesticides spraying Operation against Moth and all kinds of Pests and this is done periodically for preventing the damage of Furniture due to it’s long duration of storage. We do care of Furniture from the very beginning of Loosening, Packing with adequate materials and tools with storage for longs durations in order to guarantee its safety to be handed over again in the same initial status and condition which is Our Target. 
    Loading Experts Company is characterized with having Air-conditioned Storerooms in order to keep its temperature in the suitable degree besides there are Exhausting Fans for renewing air of ventilation and exhausting the bas smells out of the storeroom that may affect the place so Our dear customer if your are looking for Storage Services with suitable prices besides high quality, we, Loading Experts Company get honored to provide you these services as well as we provide the transporting services of Furniture with adequate prices from your Flat to Storeroom and vise versa to the new Flat in its initial condition without any damage. We are looking forward to being pioneers and keeping our customers regular ones. Loading Experts Company unlike the other competitors, It provides you the right to follow up your Furniture during Storage Duration for more reassurance. 

    We don’t ignore and forget providing the Service of Packing (Packing the Furniture) with the most recent International technologies in Packing such as Cardboard ”Cartons” Plastic Bubbles , Carton Rolls ,Adhesive Tape and Strong Plastic that is know of its resistance and safety. Glass wares and components of Furniture’s such as Kitchen wares and vases etc. so we specify for that the most recent imported Packing Boxes.

    Storage Services as below: 
    We provide Storage Services through our storerooms facility that are built for that and designed for storage services specifically Furniture, in addition to the Storerooms are safe, secured, Ceiled, and completely Insulated. 

    In addition they are supplied with a group of the best and most recent techniques of Safety and Security.. such as Fire Systems, Alarm System, Camera Control System.. we have contacts with the giant insurance companies in K.S.A which is famous for credibility in Insurance and guarantee of Furniture’s Value in case of  emergency (this is an assumption). 

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